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Net Guardian


Net Guardian is one of the most advanced Internet Filtering services in the world, protecting your family from undesirable content on the internet.

By using Net Guardian, every internet connected device in your home is automatically filtered, making it harder to bypass and easier to manage.

It is simple...

  • There is no software for you to install as the filtering happens at the ISP
  • No updates for you to maintain. We maintain the system for you.

It is powerful...

  • Choose the filtering service that meets your requirements with our different plans.
  • Does not slow down your Internet connection as we filter content centrally

Net Guardian Plans

 NG StandardNG MaxNG Custom
Description The default level of filtering Extra-strength filtering blocking out offensive internet content. More conservative than NG Standard With NG Custom you choose exactly which categories of internet content to deliver and what to do with the unclassified content
Blocks Highly offensive websites Offensive websites and grey areas Your choice of the complete category list
Filtering Strength Medium strength Extra strength Your choice
Monthly Fee $5.00 $5.00 $10.00
  • All prices include GST.

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Filtered Categories

The following categories are filtered by default with NG Standard.

Anarchy Sites contain information regarding militias, weapons, anti-government groups, terrorism, overthrowing of the government, killing methods, etc.
Cults Sites promoting cult or gothic subject matter, use of mind control, paranoia, fear, and any other type of psychological control or manipulation.
Drugs Sites that promote the use or purchase of illegal drugs. These may include offering marijuana seeds for sale, growing methods,techniques and products for testing clean for drugs, information on acid and/or "mushrooms," and all other forms of narcotics.
Hate and Discrimination Sites that contain material related to the discrimination of any group based on race, religion, gender, etc.
Illegal activity Sites that promote illegal activity, such as phreaking, pyrotechnics, computer hacking, credit card number generating, password cracking, surveillance and murder.
Obscene & Tasteless Sites that involve such things as mutilation, murder, bodily functions, horror, death, candid scenes, executions, violence, etc.
Pornography Sites that contain nudity of any sort, vulgarity, including the likes of Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse.

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