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Email Filtering

Time costs and more sinister threats from email SPAM and Viruses are on the rise at an exponential rate. You need a quick and simple solution that can eliminate the risk of having these threats destroy your business via your company email .


Threat writers are constantly evolving spamming techniques to penetrate companies' existing defenses. You need a multilayer spam defense that provides highly secure protection.

Maxnet's hosted email SPAM and Anti Virus service helps eliminate that threat with a simple and effective solution that costs only a couple of dollars per user per month.

Using both the best conventional techniques and innovative context-sensitive detection technology, Maxnet's Anti-Spam service eliminates the broadest range of known and emerging email threats.


The scale and complexity of recent virus attacks highlight the importance of a vigorous, secure messaging platform. The traditional approach of identifying and blocking known viruses is no longer enough to protect your network perimeter.

To combat this evolving threat, Maxnet offers the most comprehensive multiscan, multivendor antivirus solution. With Cisco Ironport, Maxnet uses a combination of technologies that provide the critical first layer of preventive defense against new outbreaks while also using traditional antivirus engines to protect against even the most complex virus attacks.

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  • Mail Guardian has a 30 day free trial from the date of activation. Thereafter a $0.90 (GST incl) per mailbox per month fee applies.
  • New Customers: Please speak to or contact Maxnet's helpdesk on 0800 Maxnet (0800 629 638) or for assistance with setting up this service.
  • Existing Maxnet Customers: Please enter the Maxnet Members' Centre where you can activate Mail Guardian on your email accounts.


Gain high efficiency

By deploying both the Cisco IronPort Virus Outbreak Filters with antivirus technology from McAfee and Sophos, Maxnet can make your organization more efficient.
This service provides industry-leading virus prevention and protection, while maintaining near-zero false-positive rates.

Scalable virus protection

Maxnet's email protection solutions help ensure scalability for fully integrated antivirus protection for continued message growth. Gateway filtering significantly reduces the resources needed at the groupware servers and network bandwidth requirements.


Protection Against a Wide Variety of Viruses

During the scanning process, both the two independent antivirus engines analyze each incoming message and file. Once the type is identified, they apply the relevant technique to help ensure the highest efficiency and throughput.

Multiple detection methods

Pattern matching detects viruses and other potentially unwanted software by specific known viral code sequences. Patterns help ensure that the engine catches not only the original virus but derivatives within the same virus family. In doing so, McAfee and Sophos approach viruses in a complementary fashion.

Advanced emulation

Advanced emulation technology is used to detect encrypted and polymorphic viruses. If either engine suspects that a file contains a virus, it creates an artificial environment around the file. The virus then runs harmlessly until it decodes itself and its true form becomes visible.

Multi-Scanning Modes

The engine then identifies the virus by scanning for a virus signature. The engine supports multiple scanning modes to optimize performance. Heuristic analysis, used by both engines, helps catch variants of viruses, even with minimal information about virus code patterns.


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