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At Maxnet, we deliver a high quality internet experience to your home with openness and transparency. We are unashamadly not the cheapest ... we make sure our network does what it should (and we think, better than everyone else). Its fast and it services some of the top companies in the country. Why shouldn't your home have that level of service?

Why our broadband is different

We have multiple upstream providers meaning that even if one of the big boys that service links between NZ and the rest of the world fail, we still have someone else to rely on.

We tell you about our network

We release graphs showing what is going on in our network so you can see what really is going on ... there is no need to guess what we are doing with your traffic

We are about speed and streaming, not torrenting

While we absolutely agree that torrenting can be a ligitimate method of data sharing, we've decided to optimise our network of those who are interested in the fastest possible realtime internet service. If you are looking for an ISP for mass torrent downloads, we would recommend taking a look at a different ISP. You will still be able to torrent on Maxnet's service, but we are open in deciding to sacrifice torrenters speed for those who want fast access to other things such as watching live HDTV.

Broadband Plans

Data AllowanceMonthly FeeExcess (Per 2GB)
40GB $51 $5.00
40GB Naked $80 $5.00
80GB $68 $5.00
80GB Naked $97 $5.00
Unlimited $99.95 N/A
Unlimited Naked $124.95 N/A
  • All prices include GST.
  • All plans are full speed
  • Includes 1 mailbox per plan - additional mailboxes $2 each/month.
  • 12 month contract term applies - early disconnection fee of $99.

Sign up now for Standard Plans


If you need more then just a basic broadband connection, check out the following features to give you a little bit more service for not a lot more money.

Static IP $10.00 per Month
Priority Support $20.00 per Month
Net Guardian Standard/Max $5.00 per Month
Net Guardian Custom $10.00 per Month
Excess Data $5.00 per 2Gb
  • All prices include GST.



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