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It is important for you to understand what you’ll be getting if you sign up for our Unlimited Broadband service. The following is an outline of what you can expect from the service. This is not “fine print”, it is actually important.
Maxnet Unlimited Broadband Intent

The intent for Maxnet’s unlimited broadband plan is to provide a service that allows users to use the internet with the knowledge that they will not be billed for additional data.

What this service is for

Maxnet intends to provide a service that is useable and functional for “normal” internet use, particularly around real-time use of internet service (that is, when the user is in front of an internet enabled device participating in activity that is directly related to the internet bandwidth being used). These types of services may be (but are not limited to) web browsing, making voice and video calls, streaming internet video feeds and participating in online games.

What this service is not for;

1. Downloading significant amounts of data in any given day, week or month
2. Sustaining very high download rates for long periods of time
3. Providing services such as file storage, file sharing or backup solutions to other internet users

Management of Service

It should be known that this is an oversubscribed service and you may not get full speed internet upload and download speeds at any given time. Maxnet will be shaping the network in attempt to maintain a high level of service for the majority of users. In order to maintain a usable service for the majority of its unlimited broadband users, Maxnet reserves the right to rate shape various types of traffic. Maxnet also reserves the right to rate limit individual users that frequently use vastly more data than the rest of the unlimited users and use their internet service in a way that negatively affects the performance of the network. If at any time you feel as though you need a different internet service with a cap, you will be able to move to a capped Maxnet internet plan of equal or greater value without penalty.

Reservation to temporarily limit and/or discontinue service

If users are found to be in the top 5% of users and their usage is negatively impacting the network, Maxnet will attempt to communicate with the user to find a more palatable solution for all parties involved. Maxnet may choose to rate limit the users connection to protect the usability of the service for other users. If the user continues to use their unlimited service in the same fashion, Maxnet reserves the right to discontinue the user’s service.


If you have read the above and agree you'd like to get Maxnet's Unlimited Broadband service ...

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