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Technical Support Policy

The Technical Support Department of Maxnet is available to assist customers with the technical aspects of getting connected to and using the Internet. Technical support is available at no charge to Maxnet customers with an account in good standing.

1. The following Operating Systems are supported Maxnet:

Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7
Macintosh OSX and up for dialup services Macintosh OS 9 and up for non dialup services

2. The following Services are covered by this policy:


Connectivity items covered by this policy include:
1. Creating a dial up connection 
2. Installing and setting TCP/IP
3. Network protocols 
4. Modem connection and driver issues.

Technicians will assist you in configuring your computers to connect to the Internet via Maxnet. You are responsible to ensure that your computer has the necessary hardware and software in good working order to use the Internet. We support most major ADSL and dialup modems. Due to security reasons we do not support the configuration of wireless connections and cisco based routers.

Browsing the Internet

All major Internet browser software is supported for general configuration and operation, including homepage setting, proxy configuration, and security settings. If the software does not operate as designed the client will be advised to: 
1. Re-install the software
2. Contact the support service of the product.


All major email software is supported for general configuration and operation, including server settings and basic email functionality. If the software does not operate as designed the client will be advised to: 
1. Re-install the software
2. Contact the support service of the product.

3. The following Services are excluded by this policy:

Due to the nature of computers, networks, telecommunications and the popularity of the Internet today, some issues may be deemed to be outside Maxnet’s control and are not covered by this policy. These include, but are not limited to: hardware failure, software failure, and poor telephone lines. 

Diagnosing System Failures

Diagnosis of a computer issue over the telephone is limited and based on the information returned from the client. If at any time in the process it seems apparent that the client’s computer has either a hardware or software issue the client will be informed and advised to take their computer to a local computer technician for a thorough analysis and servicing. This includes failure of any hardware on the client’s system and the failure of the operating system to operate correctly. 


This technical support policy does not cover training customers on how to use the Internet. Clients are expected to have basic knowledge of the Internet.

Third Party Software

Third party software is not supported by Maxnet’s free technical support. Correct installation and configuration of any installed software remains the responsibility of the client and the software provider.

If a connectivity, browsing, or email issue is deemed to be affected by third party software, the client will be advised to contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

This includes, but is not limited to:
1. Antivirus programs
2. Download accelerators
3. Firewalls
4. Web design programs
5. Games
6. Software and programs downloaded from the Internet
7. Operating System issues
8. Any non-Internet software
9. Any MS Office feature (apart from the e-mail features of Outlook)
10. Internet Explorer Content Advisor password issues

4. Viruses

Maxnet strongly urges all clients to protect themselves from contracting and spreading computer viruses by:
1. Obtaining an antivirus program
2. Keep the antivirus files up to date
3. Exercise caution whenever opening an email attachment.

Virus recovery is not covered by Maxnet’s free technical support and clients contacting us after they acquire a virus will be advised of how they can obtain an antivirus program.


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